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Cage Fighting in America has proven Links to the creation of Malignant Narcissism and Narcissistic Psychopathy and is the root cause of the demoralization of America.
Links to Grade school bullying and deaths, severe road rage, rapes, domestic violence, multiple homicides and horrendous crimes the world has not seen in centuries!

Relight  Liberty Torch


MMA Cage Fighting Blood-Sports has direct links and is connected to:

  • The Mafia (Organized Crime)
  • Corruption & Official misconduct in Local and State Government (Police, Mayors and Governors)
  • Links to Malignant Narcissism (attracts, creates and feeds which causes explosive growth)
  • Links to Narcissistic Psychopathy (attracts, creates and feeds which causes explosive growth)
  • Multiple Homicides
  • Increase in Firearm related Homicides due to the Mental illnesses & Personality Disorders created by blood fighting
  • Severe Domestic Violence
  • Severe Road Rage - secondary avenue of venting the 'violent aggressive, competitive fighting nature' with another human.
  • Increase in aggrevated assaults
  • Attempted murders
  • Harassment
  • Stalking, Group stalking and cyber stalking
  • Terroristic Threats
  • Grade School bullying and deaths
  • Increase in Grade School and High School fighting (often with groups of 10 to 30 adults or parents watching!)
  • Rapes
  • Suicides, normally committed following a murder (wife, girlfriend etc..)
  • Links to unmoral behaviour transitioning to immoral behaviour
  • Horrendous crimes the world has not seen since days long past! (savage ripping a face off and heart out of body and eating it)
  • Enjoyment of wickedness, such as severely injuring others, laughing when others die - Sadism
  • False swearing (pathological lying)
  • Numerous nationwide, connected, fascist group movements (organized crime working with minions & local government)


Purposefully using and following the evil propaganda tactics Joseph Goebbels used in WWII on the people of Germany, the Martial Sports, MMA cage Fighting industry
has induced the minds of the people of America, while the fans, practitioners and instructors are assaulting, raping and killing people in society
with the United States government previously ignoring, redirecting and/or denying these morbid facts! Times have now changed and the jig is up.

Become a Torchbearer or Mirror-holder for the only mission that will save this country. Why is that? Because we see the root-cause of the wide-spread virus.
We will close down every single MMA 'blood-Sport' school in America as they are designated as the 'revolving door psychopathy factories'.

We need everyone! In America and from other countries, the blood sport known as MMA Cage Fighting will be banned nationwide very soon.

When the acronym MMA is used in relation to cage fighting sports, the meaning is:

Malignant - Mental - Anarchy

USA Statue of Death


We are seeking all Martial artists regardless of styles or country of origin (no martial sportist are permitted to join), lawyers, administrative assistants,
website developers and programmers, internet marketing specialists, marketing specialists in general, publishers, printers, people with business management
skills, public speakers, security, private investigators, body guards, state officials with national security interests, police officers who are not corrupt, people
with inside information on corruption at their town and state levels, people with contacts for everything, Priests, Yogis, Buddhists, Christians, Taoists, Catholics,
(and any other practitioner of any religion or organization in which materialism is not the focus), people who are determined and can get things done, people
who are righteous, survivalists, non-corrupt military personal, spiritually minded individuals, publicists, revolutionaries, radio show hosts, artists,
psychologists, psychiatrists and anyone with conscience and morals. In a nutshell, are you good? If so, join us, the time has come.

Let's all have some tea and then get down to business!


Don't be intimidated by the Cage fighting Minions and the evil around you, stand up and help re-light the Liberty Torch

MMA Psychotic Abyss

Learn about the wicked propaganda used, the Mafia and corrupt Government connections and their involvement with each-other
and the purposefully misconstrued use of the words 'Martial arts' in the false marketing of an unregulated industry.
Public Release date: November 2016 - buy this book and help humanity continue to evolve!

Martial Arts Essence: Martial Arts or Martial Sports 2016 release by Kazuhiro Yoshinori

Come back soon to find out how you can join the mission! If we all don't stand now, no-one will be around to stand later!
Most people in the USA have no clue on the hidden evils of 'blood Sports' cage fighting!



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