MMA Crimes

Malignant-Mental-Anarchy (MMA) Martial Sportist Fighter arrests:
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MMA fighter Fidel Manzano Jr. (35) was arrested for animal cruelty. 2015
(Fresno, CA) - Source link
** Mamzano’s family reported that he was angry that the puppy was yelping so he repeatedly threw it into a washing machine
and then continued to beat it for 2 hours. The puppy had a broken jaw, severe soft tissue damage, contusions and a swollen brain.
Family members were afraid of him so they didn’t call the police and permitted it to continue.

Animal Cruelty

MMA fighter Christopher Sheridan (32) was arrested for an illegal drug operation. Police also confiscated a grenade launcher from him. 2016
(Sacramento, CA) - Source link

Chris Sheridan 2 Chris Sheridan 1

UFC-MMA fighter Diego Brandao (28) was arrested on 4 felony charges of aggravated battery and assault with a deadly weapon. 2016
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

Diego Brandao

MMA sports coach Borkovic (32) arrested & charged with 25 armed robberies. 2008
(Zagreb, Croatia) - Source link


Philly MMA trainer Travis Roesler (27) arrested in $1.2 Million dollar drug bust. 2010
(Red Bank, NJ) - Source link

Travis Roesler

Philly MMA trainer Travis Roesler (27) challenging civilians-strangers in society to punch him in the face.
Gracie MMA-BJJ has founding history in this criminal tactic & is actually promiting it! (source is Gracie mag)
See video - Source

(The ‘Cathouse Slayings’)
MMA fighter David Tyner (28 ‘former Marine’) arrested for 6 murders: the shooting deaths of 3 women (2 were pregnant) & 1 man. 2009
(Oklahoma City, OK) - Source link
** David Tyner (28), Denny Phillips (28) & Russell Hogshooter (38) all were found guilty in these 6 murders and previously conspired on
how they would do it. Before all 4 people were shot and fire set to the house, they attacked and tortured victim Brooke Phillips (22) then killed her.
MMA fighter David Tyner admitted to the killings of the other 3 victims, which were: ‘Drug dealer’ Casey Mark Barrientos (32),
‘Pregnant woman’ Milagres Barrera (22) and ‘Pregnant woman’ Jennifer Lynn Ermey (25). This later became known as ‘The Cathouse Slayings’.

David Tyner

UFC-MMA fighter Jeremy Jackson (26) arrested for multiple charges of rape, criminal threats, assault and kidnapping (7 Felony offenses). 2008
(Oxnard, CA) - Source link

Jeremy Jackson

UFC-MMA fighter Kimo Leopaldo (41) arrested for drug charges and impersonating a Police officer. 2009
(Tustin, CA) - Source link

Kimo Leopaldo

MMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo & Muay Thai instructors Lury Debs (25) & Diego Santos (23) arrested for 2 counts of aggravated assault & battery. 2009
(Boston, MA) - *Source link (*conveniently dissappeared as they own a BJJ-MMA school)
** Outside of a McDonalds, in parking lot, they beat their victims so badly that one suffered permanent brain damage.
It is noted that Debs and Santos are instructors at the Brazilian Martial Arts center in Somerville, MA

Brazilian Martial Sports Center BJJ Sports

MMA fighter & Neo Nazi associate Doug Sonier (30) arrested for Terroristic death threats & harassment. 2010
(Doylestown, PA) - Source link

Doug Sonier

UFC-MMA fighter ‘Lightening’ Lee Murray (31) sentenced to 10 years in jail for masterminding a $92 Million dollar bank heist. 2010
(Tonbridge, England) - Source link
** Hostages at gun point, kidnapping, terroristic death threats, impersonating a police officer, criminal conspiracy.

Lee Murray

Strike-force MMA fighter Mike 'Iron' Whitehead (28) arrested for sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, lewdness and for illegal drug selling operation. 2010
(Las Vegas, NV) - Source link

Mike Whitehead

UFC-MMA fighter Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver (28) evades police, then arrested for the 3rd time in 4 months on assault charges. 2010
(San Diego, CA) - Source link

Jon Koppenhaver 1Jon Koppenhaver 2

UFC-MMA fighter Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver (32) arrested for aggravated assault, attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, Porn star Christy Mack (23). 2014
(Los Angeles, CA) - Source link
** Koppenhaver forced her to remove her clothes and shower. Then bashed her face in, knocking teeth out and breaking bones in her face.
The victim feared for her life as this cage fighter continued to beat her and then sawed her hair off with a dull knife.
The victim also suffered 18 broken bones, missing teeth & broken teeth.

Jon Koppenhaver 3

Christy Mack victim

1. Victim Christy Mack speaks out in video HBO 'Real Sports' Interview - reports on the alarming rates of domestic violence among MMA fighters *
- Source link

HBO with Christy Mack

2. UFC MMA fighter 'War Machine' - 34 felony charges - A Monster Among Us? The Dark Descent of War Machine *
- Source link

War Machine 34 charges

UFC-MMA fighter & Neo Nazi Viacheslav Datsik (26) arrested for multiple armed robberies. 2006
(St. Petersburg, Russia) - 1. Source link 'I want to fight & die in the ring' - 2. Source link 'on way to Norway to shoot all Norway Muslims'
** He was ruled mentally insane and committed to a closed Psychiatric ward. He was detained in 2007 over a series of armed robberies in St. Petersburg.
Following an examination of his mental health, it was deemed that Datsik was afflicted with schizophrenia and he avoided criminal charges. He was transferred
to a psychiatric clinic, where he escaped in 2010 by tearing a hole in the fence. Datsik escaped to Norway, where he illegally crossed the border and handed
himself in to the authorities for political asylum. He was eventually jailed again for his relations to neo-Nazism. He was extradited back to Russia in 2011 to serve
the remainder of his sentence. He was released in 2016 and is resuming MMA cage fighting.

Viacheslav Datsik 2Viacheslav Datsik 1

UFC-MMA fighter Harold Howard arrested on 2 accounts of attempted murder. 2009
(Niagara Falls, Canada) - Source link

Harold Howard 1

UFC-MMA fighter Harold Howard sentenced to 5 years in prison for 25 counts that were reduced to a dozen counts that include aggravated assault,
attempted murder, assault causing bodily harm and reckless driving. 2010
(Niagara Falls, Canada) - Source link
** was charged for attacking 2 people with a hammer. Hitting one person by using the ‘claw end’ of the hammer to the person’s skull and body and
then hitting the other until they fell to the floor. Then in a high speed police chase he purposefully crashed his pick-up truck through the front
glass doors, driving it into the lobby of Fallsview Casino.

Harold Howard 2

MMA fighter Jarred Wyatt (26) arrested for grisley murder. Kills training partner Taylor Powell (21) removes his face,
then cuts out his tongue and heart, then cooks and eats some of them. 2010
(Crescent City, CA) - Source link
** After having an argument with the victim, training partner Taylor Powell (21) a physical fight occurred. The fight ended with MMA fighter Jarred Wyatt
cutting the victims face off, then cutting his tongue off and finally cutting open his chest and ripping out his still beating heart. Then Wyatt took these body parts
and cooked them in a wood stove. He then ate some of them while sitting naked on the floor. Reports state: “His chest was cut open, and his heart, tongue and
the skin of his face were gone, court records said. His heart was found charred in a wood-burning stove. An autopsy determined the
organs had been removed while Powell was still alive.”

MMA fighter Michael ‘war dog’ Reid (22) and step-brother Nicholas Ventsias (26) stalked and then viciously beat 2 men outside of a
Burger King, leaving one hospitalized in critical condition. 2016
(Shorewood, IL) - Source link

Michal Reid

UFC-MMA fighter Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson (25) arrested for multiple charges of battery and criminal death threats. 2009
(Hayward, CA) - Source link
** He went to his ex-girlfriend’s (32) house, kicked down her front door then beat her by slamming the door into her head, picking her up by her armpits
and slamming her to the floor. He then put her in a headlock and dragged her up a flight of stairs. Finally he destroyed her cell phone so she couldn’t call 911.
He then decided to text his wife and told her he was going to kill the ex-girlfriend and then kill himself. Alameda County district attorney’s office reduced his
charges to a misdemeanor battery, making death threats and destroying a cell phone.

Anthony Johnson

(SIX) MMA Cage fighters were arrested for a premeditated ‘felony gang assault’ at Manhattan night club ‘1-Oak’, NYC. 2014
UFC-MMA fighter Renzio Gracie (47) (Martial sports franchise school owner NY, PA)
Strike-force MMA fighter Igor Gracie (34) (Martial sports school owner New Rochelle, NY)
UFC-MMA fighter Gregor Gracie-Rangel (28)
FFC & Legacy FC - MMA fighter Leonardo Leite (36)
VFC MMA fighter Rafael Barbosa (24)
MMA Fighter Carvalho Da Costa (?)
They all plead guilty to misdemeanor assault in exchange for 10-15 days of community service.
(Manhattan, NY) - Source link
“All of the six men were fighting, doing MMA moves on the guards, some of whom were injured,” he said. “In my entire 14-year career,
I have never seen anything like this,” said Molesphini, according to a New York Post report on the plea deal. The men involved in the altercation
were initially charged with a felony gang assault. According to Fox Sports, the charge was later reduced from ‘felony gang assault’ to a misdemeanor
assault charge. It was reported that the reason this ‘gang assault’ occurred was because the Gracies were furious that bouncer Craig Molesphini (35)
had previously turned away two of their friends the week prior and thus they vengefully conspired and attacked him and others to satisfy their
anger and fulfil their petty revenge.

MMA fighter Ryan Gracie (33) arrested for car-jacking a 76 year old man, while he was high on cocaine. 2007
(Sao Paolo, Brazil) - Source link

Ryan Gracie

Female UFC-MMA fighter Kim ‘Sugar free’ Couture (35) arrested for assault. 2010
(Las Vegas, NV) - Source link
** She got into a heated argument with an assistant, then attacked and choked him.

Kim Couture

UFC-MMA fighter Leonard ‘Bad boy’ Garcia (28) arrested in major cocaine trafficking ring. 2008
(El Paso, TX) - Source link

Leonard Garcia 1Leonard Garcia 2

UFC-MMA fighter Mike Wessel (32) arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and terroristic threats.
(threatened to kill police officer and his children) 2010
(Jonesboro, AR) - Source link
** Corporal Wayne McClard of the Jonesboro Police Department reported that JPD officer David Stout was called to
Creegan’s Irish Pub at around 2 a.m. to investigate a domestic disturbance call involving six MMA fighters
(Mike Wessel and 5 other MMA fighters that were not named publicly). Stout reports “He began making death threats
toward me and my family, and said that he was going to kill me and my kids.”

Mike Wessel

UFC-MMA fighter BJ Penn (29) sentenced for assaulting police officer outside of Waikiki's Zanzabar Nightclub. 2007
(Honolulu, HI) - Source link
** The arrest and subsequent charges resulted from Penn’s involvement in a fight outside Waikiki’s Zanzabar nightclub,
according to police. Penn punched an officer in the face. Penn was given a lesser charge of third-degree assault a misdemeanor.
He was sentenced to one-year probation and ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution. Penn must also abstain from alcohol, submit to
substance-abuse treatment, perform 50 hours of community service and submit to random drug and alcohol tests. If he abides by
the conditions for a year, the offense of third-degree assault will be removed from his record. Penn apologized for his actions
and said he is eager to put the incident behind him.

BJ Penn Mugshot

UFC-MMA fighter BJ Penn (37) arrested for second degree assault outside Kauhale’s bar in Kihei. 2015
(Maui, HI) - Source link
** Penn’s friend Kuuipo Mokiao (37) told investigators that he pushed Penn to stop him from picking a fight with people inside
Kauhale's Bar in Kihei. The retired UFC champ then challenged him to a fight. Mokiao told police that once they headed into the
parking lot, Penn suddenly punched him in the face, according to sources. The Kahului man also said that while he was defending
himself, Penn kneed him in the forehead. Mokiao was taken to the emergency room at Maui Memorial Medical Center
for a fractured left eye socket

MMA Taekwondo instructor & former Police Officer John Durinick (39) arrested for 96 counts of molestation and battery of minors. 2010
(Osceola County, FL) - 1. Source link - 2. Source link - 3. Source link
* Durnick was a senior Taekwondo (not Karate) instructor at John Emmons' Taekwondo Martial arts Academy in St. Cloud, FL
He received a 10-year prison sentence plus five years of probation. He will also be considered a sexual offender.

John Durinick 1John Durinick 2

Sport-Tournament Karate instructor Bradley Knight (36) sentenced for multiple counts of child molestation & battery. 2008
(Kissimmee, FL) - 1. Source link - 2. Source link, court video report
** This Sport-tournament Karate instructor was originally charged with 91 cases of molestation, battery and sexual battery.
Along with child pornography. He was sentenced to 40 years in state prison.
In one report, a girl said “he told me he would kill me if I told anyone.”

Bradley Knight

MMA fighters Jason Spiegel (35) and older brother Gerald Spiegel (36) arrested for 2 counts of third degree assault of a
‘Times union reporter’ Steve Barnes and a friend as they left Creo restaurant in Stuyvesant Plaza. 2009
(Albany, NY) - Source link
** Barnes described how two men approached him and his friend as they walked from the restaurant. Without warning, the men
then started to punch the victims in the head. “The bald one swung at me, connecting on the side of my left eye... I remember thinking
they'd done this before, or at least had thought this out,” wrote Barnes. “He chased me, tripped me expertly by kicking my trailing foot
so it would clip my other ankle on the next step." Although it was a conspired assault plan by the brothers who were paid to do this, the
Guilderland town judge dismissed the assault charges against Gerald Spiegel, citing procedural errors and multiple other errors by the
assistant district attorney prosecuting the case.

Jason Spiegel

Taekwondo (full contact fighter) champion Mandy Meloon (29) arrested for assaulting a police officer. 2010
(Houston, TX) - Source link

Mandy Meloon 1

Taekwondo (full contact fighter) champion Mandy Meloon (31) arrested for assault & felony criminal mischief. 2012
(Austin, TX) - Source link
** According to the police affidavit, Soon after Meloon and the victim (her roommate) began to have verbal arguments. Meloon threatened
the victim saying she was a Taekwondo expert and could kill him with a snap of her finger. Meloon left and then returned to the house after
drinking and again threatened the victim. The victim told Meloon to leave and she kicked him in the face. She then, over a period of 10 days
destroyed all of the victim’s belongings. The total damage for the vandalism was more than $7,000.

Mandy Meloon 2Mandy Meloon 3

Taekwondo (full contact fighter) champion Mandy Meloon (34) arrested and charged with resisting arrest,
assault of a public servant and criminal trespassing. 2015
(San Angelo, TX) - 1. Source link - 2. Source link

Mandy Meloon 4

UFC-MMA fighter Lavar 'Big' Johnson (38) arrested for 'savage' assault & domestic violence. 2015
(Fresno, CA) - Source link
** Johnson slammed his girlfriend into a wall, then slammed her onto the floor where he proceeded to knee her in the face,
then mounted (Brazilian Jujitsu position) her and continued to punch her in the face 11 times.

Lavar Johnson

MMA fighter Steven Douglas Skinner (43) was finally found and arrested for murder after running from the law for 5 years. 2016
(Venezuela) - Source link
** charged with the 2011 shooting death of Stacey Adams (20) Skinner was recently found and arrested. He also was previously
arrested for torturing a 66 year old man with hot spoons and knives that were used to burn the man’s body.

Steven Skinner 2

MMA fighter and corrections officer Anthony Devargas (28) was arrested for aggravated assault and battery. 2015
(Cibola County, NM) - Source link
** Devargas was arrested after publicly punching 2 females in the face and then holding one against her will.

MMA fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller (33) arrested for stalking and domestic violence by SWAT team as he
proudly tweets the drama for publicity, then finally surrenders. 2014
(Mission Viejo, CA) - Source link

Jason MillerJason Miller 2

MMA fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller (35) was arrested for assault and battery, spitting in an officer’s face and intoxication. 2016
(Costa Mesa, CA) - Source link

Bellator MMA fighter Brennan 'Irish' Ward (28) was arrested for assault, being under drug influence, resisting arrest & terroristic threats. 2016
(Waterford, CT) - Source link
** After punching female Kaylin Courtois (28) in the face, he reportedly became "increasingly belligerent and angry" when police attempted
to arrest him. He aggressively resisted before the four officers were able to get him under control, threatening both the police and their families.
Ward says to 4 police officers “If I had to fight you all one on one, I would destroy you!” and then “I know your kids and I’m going to hurt them!”
Ward showcased continued aggression and was placed in a cell after his eventual arrest. He reportedly yelled profanities, shook his door,
again threatened officers and their families, and urinated on the cell wall and floor.

Brennan Ward

UFC-MMA fighter Tito Ortiz (35) arrested for felony domestic violence by beating his girlfriend, Porn star Jenna Jameson (36). 2010
(Huntington Beach, CA) - Source link
** When police arrived the victim had many visible injuries.

Tito Ortiz 1Tito Ortiz 2

UFC-MMA fighter Cody ‘the freight train’ East (28) - 2016 recently signed with the UFC.
LFC-MMA fighter Cody ‘the freight train’ East (17) charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor and four counts
of criminal sexual penetration of a minor. Sept. 2005
** Prosecutor Aaron Jordon told jurors in opening  that East raped the girl after using a dresser to barricade the door
to his bedroom and there was nothing consensual about the sex, News 13 reported. "She didn't consent to any of this
" Jordon said. "She told the defendant no over and over and over again," Channel 13 reported. But the 4-foot-11 girl was
no match for the 6-foot-4 athlete, who weighed 230 pounds, Jordon told jurors. Police say the girl claimed East raped her
several times over several hours that night and prevented her from leaving, according to News 13. (East was acquitted of the rape charges).
(Albuquerque, NM) - 1. Source link - 2. Source link

Cody East 1

 LFC-MMA fighter Cody ‘the freight train’ East  (19) was arrested for assault and child abuse. July 2007
** Officers had to draw their weapons in order to subdue East, who does cage fighting, and Valencia County sheriff's Detective
Aaron Jones told KOB-TV that East told deputies he wanted
them to shoot and kill him. East was wheeled away from the home handcuffed to a gurney and was placed on
mental-health observation at the Valencia County jail, according to Eyewitness News 4.
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

Cody East Mugshot

LFC-MMA fighter Cody ‘the freight train’ East (20) was sentenced to 3 years in prison on charges of child abuse and battery. Dec. 2008
** East was also found guilty of another count of misdemeanor battery a few months later in a separate case in which he beat up a
former friend at a drinking party at Tomé Hill.  District Judge John Pope sentenced East to nine years in prison, but suspended all but three.
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

Cody East 2

Bellator-MMA fighter Tyler ’the beast’ East (18) was arrested for third degree count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. 2009
** He was charged with beating a fellow Belen High School student in gym class. He pleaded no contest to a third-degree count of
aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and was sentenced in 2010 to three years' probation.
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

LFC-MMA fighter Tyler ’the beast’ East (20) was arrested for testing positive for cocaine,
a probation violation, harassment and having a fake ID. Aug. 2011
** after winning a fight at the Pit, he tested positive for Cocaine. According to a Probation
and Parole Division report, East also violated his probation by using a fake ID and was charged with
harassment by a former girlfriend. Another ex-girlfriend was granted a temporary protective order against him.
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

Tyler East 1

LFC-MMA fighter Tyler ’the beast’ East (brother of Cody East) (21) was arrested on domestic violence charges for assault. 2012
** East assualted his ex-girlfriend, Sherry Armijo (age?), by knocking her to the ground and executing a dropping knee strike to her jaw,
knocking her unconscious. (like in a cage fighting match) 
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

LFC-MMA fighter Tyler ’the beast’ East (22) Sent Back to Jail. East was indicted on one count of kidnapping, one count of
aggravated burglary, one count of aggravated battery and one count of bribery of a witness in connection with the incident. July 2013
** “Tyler is violent,” Sherry Armijo said in court. “Tyler is a very violent, scary person. With all do respect, he’s not only a danger to himself,
he’s a danger to other people. “I don’t know how many times you can smack him on the hand and let him go so that he can do whatever he wants,”
she said. “He has no regard for people, property or anything.” Armijo said East told her during a phone conversation from the Albuquerque
Metropolitan County Detention Center that he said “I wished that I had killed you” on the day of the incident. “… He is going to kill someone
one day. I promise you that,” Armijo told the judge. “It doesn’t matter if he serves a year in jail or if he serves 20 years. The day that man gets
out of jail, he’s going to end up taking someone’s life. He’s that evil and he has no regard for anybody but himself.”
(Los Lunas, NM) - Source link

Tyler East 2

UFC MMA fighter Junie Browning was arrested for 3 counts of assault on hospital nurses after a failed suicide attempt. 2009
(Henderson, NV) - Source link
** after Browning took 16 pills in an attmpted suicide he was taken to hospital by friends. Because he was not permitted to leave on his own
recognizance, he assaulted 3 nurses and then said to them all "Do you know who I am? I will kill you and rape your families!"

Junie Browning 3

IFL-MMA fighter Devin Cole (31) was arrested on charges of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy,
and two-counts of sexual penetration. 2008
(Medford, OR) - Source link

Devin Cole 1

MMA fighter Rodolfo 'Rudy' Ramirez (28) was arrested for kidnapping & raping a woman (mid 20s). He was charged with 2 counts of kidnapping,
3 counts of sexual assault and 1 count of sexual abuse. Sept. 2016
(Scottsdale, AZ) - Source link
** First Ramirez told police that he never saw the woman at this bar they were drinking at, then later changed story saying
'she was not pretty enough for him'. He later admitted to having consenual sex with her. A surveillance camera video shows Ramirez carrying the
unconscious victim into a garage where he raped her one time (her cell phone and earring found on the ground) then he took her to his house where
he raped her two more times before he finally dumped her unconscious body on the road at an intersection. He stated in court when asked about raping
her 'she was like dead weight' and 'I made a mistake, I'm really a good guy'.
"Her friend had left her for a few minutes to go get the car and come back and as our victim
was passed out the suspect scooped her up and carried her away"
- said Scottsdale Police Sergeant Ben Hoster

see disturbing video surveillance image below.

MMA cage fighter raping woman

MMA BJJ fighter James 'the joker' Armato (25) arrested for attempted murder, assualt & battery and witness intimidation. Nov. 2013
(Stoneham, MA) - Source link

James Armato

MMA BJJ fighter James 'the joker' Armato (27) arrested for brutally beating his girlfriend Gina Antonelli. Charged with Strangulation,
attempted murder, assualt & battery and resisting arrest. The victim suffered fractured orbital bone and broken teeth. May 2016
(Stoneham, MA) - Source link

see disturbing images below.

Victim picture1

Victim Picture2

MMA fighter Stephen Cervantes (21) arrested for Kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration and tampering with evidence. 2014
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

Steven Cervantes 2014

MMA fighter Stephen Cervantes (22) arrested for Kidnapping, aggravated assault and multiple rape of a 15 year old girl. 2015
(Albuquerque, NM) - Source link

Steven Cervantes jumpsuite 2015

UFC MMA Fighter Julianna Pena (26) arrested on 2 counts of assault Dec. 2015
(Spokane, WA) - 1. Source link - 2. Source link
** After Pena and her training partner were involved in a street fight, they attempted to enter a bar to wash blood off Pena’s face.
The bar was closed and they were refused entry. Pena kicked worker in groin and then found owner and kicked him in the groin.

Julianna Pena 1Julianna Pena 2

UFC Octagon Cage girl, Arianny Celeste (Arianny Lopez) (31) arrested for assault - domestic violence. May 2012
(Las Vegas, NV) - Source link

Arianny Celeste Lopez

UFC MMA fighter Nick Diaz (31) arrested for DUI, obstructing a police officer, destroying evidence, and driving with a suspended license. July 2015
(Lodi, CA) - Source link
* Diaz magically manages to have 3 charges dropped by pleading guilty to the DUI and only gets 1 day in jail.

Nick Diaz

Strikeforce MMA fighter Brett 'Da Grimm' Rogers (36) arrested for 2 counts of 5th degree criminal sexual contact by 3 different people. Jan 2017
(St. Paul, MN) - 1. Source link - 2. Source link

Brett 'Da Grimm' Rogers 2017

Strikeforce MMA fighter Brett 'Da Grimm' Rogers (30) Pleaded guilty to felony 3rd degree assualt of his wife, Tiuana Rogers. Sept. 2011
(Dakota City, MN) - Source link
* Brett Rogers choked his wife, Tiuana Rogers on the ground and then repeatedly punched her in the face until she was unconscious.
She suffered a broken Jaw and missing teeth. (Police also reported the beating of his children)
Rogers stated in courtroom "I apologised" and "it was just one of those nights.. ya know?"

** Rogers received 60 days in jail, 3 years probation and a $500.00 fine.

Brett Rogers 2011

Bellator MMA fighter Roshaun Jones (33) arrested on 2 counts of 1st degree murder. Jan. 2017
(Midwest City, OK) - Source link
* Jones shot and killed 2 people in a armed robbery at a laundrymat in Oklahoma. One victim was female laundrymat employee
Nekia Jackson. The other victim, a 60 year old male customer, Russ Roberts.

Roshaun Jones 2017

UFC MMA fighter Alex Nicholson (26) arrested on Domestic Violence. Sept. 2016
(Orlando, FL) - Source link
* Police reported that Nicholson was at a 7-11 store when he forced his fiancee out of the store against her will and threw her to the ground.

Alex Nicholson 2016








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