MMA Cage Fighting Ring Deaths

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Martial Sportist Fighter Deaths:

(only the reported professional MMA deaths, not all the unreported backyard or grade school with parents watching deaths)

MMA fighter Douglas Dedge (31 years old) dies from severe brain injuries from an MMA fight March 1998
(Ukraine) - Source link

Douglas Dedge

MMA fighter Sam Vasquez (35 years old) dies after a 42 day coma from severe brain injuries suffered during a MMA match.  Oct-Nov 2007
(Houston, TX) - Source link

Sam Vasquez

MMA fighter Michael Kirkham (30 years old) dies after match from a subarachnoid hemorrhage in the brain. He was a captain of his own MMA fight team-club. June 2010
(Gaston, SC) - Source link

Michael Kirkham

MMA fighter Mike Mittelmeier (20 years old) dies from a hemorrhage in the brain from MMA fight related head trauma April 2012
(Bolivia) - Source link

Mike Mittlemeier

MMA fighter Dustin Jenson (26 years old) dies from blunt trauma force to the head from MMA fight. He was competing in the sport for less than a year. May 2012
(Rapid City, SD) - Source link

Dustin Jenson

MMA Fighter Tyrone Mims (30 years old) dies after cage fight is stopped in the second round. August 2012
(Mt. pleasant, SC) - Source link

Tyrone Mims

MMA fighter Felix Pablo Elo Chukwu (35 years old) dies after match is stopped in the third round. April 2013
(Port Huron, MI) - Source link

Felix Pablo Elo Chukwu

MMA Fighter Booto Guylain (29 years old) dies after receiving a fatal elbow strike to his head during the third round in an MMA fight. March 2014
He died 6 days later as a result of cerebral edema (swelling) in the brain, due to the strike.
(South Africa) - Source link

Booto Guylain

MMA fighter Raman Zeynalov (27 years old) dies after a punch to the head caused a hemorrhage in the brain in a MMA fight. March 2015
(Republic of Azerbaijan) - Source link

Ramon Zeynalov

MMA fighter Jameston Lee-Yaw (47 years old) dies due to trauma caused to the kidneys (kidney failure) after competing in a MMA fight. April 2015
(South Shore Mall, WA) - Source link

Jameston Lee-Yaw

MMA Fighter Joao Carvalho (28 years old) was punched to death in the cage, he died of severe head injuries April 2016
(Dublin, Ireland) - Source link

Joao Carvalho



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