Older Supporting Anti-MMA Quotes

"To the extent that a society values violence, attaches prestige to violent
conduct or defines violence as normal or legitimate or functional behavior,
the values of individuals within that society will develop accordingly."
~ Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights

''I think extreme fighting is disgusting, it's horrible. I happen to be a boxing fan,
have been all my life. And I know there are issues regarding boxing, and they are serious ones.
But this is way beyond boxing. This is people brutalizing each other.'' - Ex New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani 1997

“By legalizing MMA and allowing it to become part of everyday life, we as a society are saying that
violence and brutality are acceptable and appropriate.” Assemblyman Robert Reilly - New York  2010

Header - Sen. John McCain on MMA
Sen. John McCain - AZ 
“It’s Human cockfighting... a brutal and repugnant blood sport”

Header - Pataki Signs a Bill Barring Ultimate Fighting
Gov. George E. Pataki - New York
''To have someone who wins by using choke holds and kicking people while they are down,''
''is not someone our children should be looking to emulate.''

Header - Mixed martial arts fighting is bad for the state
Sen. Herman Quirmbach - Iowa
“That’s not a sport. It is a barbaric, disgusting, degrading and subhuman activity that
really has no place in the state of Iowa”

Header - Andover bans mixed martial arts
Exec. Dir. Minnesota Boxing & MMA Commission - Minnesota - Scott LeDoux
“it’s foolish for cities to banish Mixed Martial arts,”
“It stops revenue from coming into their city.”

Header - “MMA needs to go” ban mixed martial arts in England
BMA science and ethics - England - Dr. Vivienne Nathanson
“This kind of competition hardly constitutes a sport - the days of gladiator fights
are over and we should not be looking to resurrect them,”

Header - Against a tide of popularity, province stands firm in its reluctance
to join the mixed martial arts boom

Ontario athletic commissioner - Canada - Ken Hayashi
“as long as the Canadian Criminal Code and the courts are on my side,
I won't regard MMA as anything but an illegal sport.”

Header - Mixed Martial Arts: Sport or Spectacle?
New York State Athletic Commission - Stephen Acunto
"It attracts more people because I think it satiates the barbaric pleasure of people who like to see someone hurt,"
"I think they would watch cockfighting, bullfighting, dogfighting and anything of that nature."

Header - Proposal could ban mixed martial arts bouts in state
Kentucky Sports Authority - Larry Bisig
"It defies logic that a cock rooster has more protection in the state of Kentucky than does a human being”
“these fights are savage, inhumane, jungle brutality and should be banned”


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