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Martial Arts Essence: Martial Arts or Martial Sports?


Martial Arts Essence

You can become an instant certified distibutor for Kazuhiro Yoshinori's new release while simultaneously supporting the Martial Arts Essence Stand to erradicate cage fighting in America!
Just place a pre-order for 100 or more books to become a certified distributor then start taking pre-orders yourself after your name is listed on this website.
You can also place a smaller order for 50 books for distribution in your non-sport Dojo or Martial arts school. Orders under the quantity of 100 will not have name placed on website.

After you place a book order and/or become a certified distributor, the main Torch-bearer in the USA will co-ordinate shipping details and information with your order.
Certified distributors can also be added to this website with contact information for people to order individual books opon the November 2016 public release date.

You may also place an order for any book qty below and say "donate". In this case all the books that you paid to have printed will be donated
over time to wanting Churches, schools and other organizations that will assist in the mission.
Remember this book is the fundamental guide for MAEM and MAES.

Remember! We want you to sell your books and to distribute to as many Americans as possible!

If placing a large quantity book order and wish to not use paypal, one may send a check or money order payable to: Meiyo Publishing
(you can note the book quantity on check, keep the quantity and amount as if placing a paypal order)

Please send to:
Meiyo Publishing
PO Box 6436
Bridgewater, NJ 07931

After sending, one may also contact via email to let us know it's on it's way
email contact after sending payment is (all together) book orders at meiyopublishing dot com

Jumping into the Essence is literally the saving of America! Join us!


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