Donations to support MAEM & MAES

Martial Arts Essence Mission and Martial Arts Essence Stand


Any donations are extremely helpful as administrative duties, marketing, postal fees etc.. add up very quickly.

All money is used for the mission and unfortunatly at the current time most of the funds come from the author's personal account which is under 20,000 a year to begin with.

If you understand the mission and what it stands for, then you will understand that donations are for the healing of America by removing the deadly virus of cage fighting.

One can make a donation in any amount over $100.00 if sending USPS mail

Please make check or money order payable to: Kazuhiro Yoshinori and send to the same address below *attn: Kazuhiro Yoshinori.

or if you want the donation money strictly to be used for book printing then make check payable to: Meiyo Publishing

Please send to:
Meiyo Publishing
PO Box 6436
Bridgewater, NJ 07931

One may also become a paying member and become a Mirror-holder or Torch-bearer by choosing the membership fee in the drop down menu and paying by paypal.

All membership fees are allocated to administrative functions and any professional outside fees needed to pay experts in certain fields.
Membership fees are for those who wish to 'jump into the essence' and become a part of the mission. The fees are needed to assist the mission in running smoothly.
(Pledged means you will be very active weekly in your assistence to the mission, unpledged means you will help here and there but cannot commit to a very active status,
however you beleive in our loyalty to humanity and in keeping the balance and wish to assist, knowing your membership fees help greatly with the misison's objectives)

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