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** understand that the Stand (MAES) is a component of the Mission (MAEM).
If in reading you see that I only say the word 'mission', remember that the stand is inside of that word. So you can think of it this way.
The mission surrounds the stand always and the essence is in the hearts of all members and non-members who support our cause for humanity.

Federal regulation of the words

(in conjunction with the federal banning of cage fighting)
Do you realize that part of the Federal Government’s duty is to promote honest marketing and fine those who false market.  What the Martial Arts Essence stand will promote and demand is that the Federal Government do their job properly and enforce the false marketing laws regarding Martial Arts and Martial Sports. Permitting Martial Sports to refer to itself as Martial arts for over 4 decades constitutes major failure of the federal government’s duties. The Martial Arts Essence stand is to have the federal Government immediately enforce the laws governing the word usage of ‘Martial Arts’ and ‘Martial Sports’ in Marketing. Many times in life things boil down to simplicity, as it does in this case. In the following paragraphs, I will illustrate this law and also enhance it to show how it will provide truth in marketing, thus protecting the citizens of this country from the dangers of ‘not knowing’ what they are really enrolling in.

Allow me to elaborate on how simple this matter truly is. If one competes against another in which there is a winner or loser declared, if points are allotted for striking the body or there is a reward of material gain, such as a prize or money then it’s a Martial sport. If tickets are sold to watch two people spar or fight as an event, it’s a sport. Even if a school participates in a tournament once a year or supports cage fighting or tournaments, it’s a sport school.  The very moment a person enters any kind of contest with another, it becomes nothing but a sport. The mindset, curriculum, objective and focus is 100% different than Martial Arts.

This law is not for the purpose of regulating what each individual instructor teaches his or her students as that would destroy individuality and the positive benefits one gains from the perspectives and experiences of each unique instructor. In addition, it would be Ludacris because all martial arts styles and sports are different and come from many cultures. The law is solely to prohibit the undermining usage of ‘word association’ in which one may deceptively claim they are teaching Martial arts when it is clearly sport. This way there is no uncertainty and questions such as “how do we know if it’s a sport or not?” The answer, no matter how many times a feigning ignorant person says those words, is “If one competes and a winner or loser is declared in any way, or a prize is given, or there is cheering and an audience, then it’s a sport.” I really don’t think it can be clearer then that do you?

The only time things become confusing is when a wicked element begins talking about 10 different, unrelated things that have nothing to do with the price of lemons, tires your mind and then begins suggesting things as to influence your tired and uninterested mind. Usually it’s done with an air of arrogance and in a loud obnoxious manner. The wicked people seek those with weak minds or use intimidation with an aggressive, frustrated voice and an air of feigning knowledge to penetrate into your mind what they want you to believe. Stick with the very basic, simple facts and there can be no distractions from truth. Put up the invisible wall, which repels the untruthful nonsense of the wicked back to them and only allows truth to pass through its fine filters.

There will be many sections of this already existing law that the federal government will be implementing especially in regards to this specific unregulated industry. This strictly enforced law will be tough on those who aggressively oppose and defy as the law’s sole purpose is for truthful marketing, those who do not comply will be temporarily closed down until they do. They will also be heavily fined for the violation. If a school is found guilty of two violations they will be permanently closed and not permitted to reopen with a new name.  No excuses, if you own a business, you would understand the laws and if you’re a good person, you wouldn’t lie to the public to make money.

Individual States must comply as this is federal law and not a choice that can be made by corrupt politicians at the State level.  State or town officials that refuse to obey the federal government will be instantly removed from office, that’s how simple the matter is. The existing laws governing business marketing and the false marketing can be enforced on this entire industry instantly, there is no red tape or waiting. It should be demanded by all Martial artists and moral minded people that it be enacted now, with revisions and new amendments specific to Martial arts and sports added in the near future, but only in regards to the word usage, not the curriculum in which any instructor uses to teach, so no instructor needs to worry about their curriculum.

The next section of the Martial Arts Essence stand should be enacted as soon as possible before terroristic plans are conspired by the Martial Sports industry in retaliation against the government. This section will discuss, cleaning the country with the President’s new Directive.

Confining the MMA TerroristsFeeding the Illness

Banning the Blood Sport!
We are seeking presidential powers to be enacted as this section which we are about to discuss is a severe National Security issue with the entire country affected. The Martial arts Essence stand is asking the President of the United States to pass a Presidential Directive immediately banning MMA cage fighting sports in the Country. If a president can contemplate and strongly consider passing executive orders making illegal drugs legal, then he surely can pass a directive to enforce the immediate banning of a blood-sport that continues to create severe mental illness and personality disorders in the practitioners and fan base which result in civil disorder and horrendous crimes in this country, making it a ‘national security threat’. It is at the point in finishing my book that the situation has become an immediate emergency with action needed to be taken by the Whitehouse immediately. If warranted, the order should be followed by Martial Law until all the 'Blood sport' schools are closed down and civil order is maintained. It matters not if a single instructor claims loss of income or if the Ultimate Fighting hierarchy says one word in opposition as it’s been out in the open for years that the Mafia and the UFC are one and the same and any school that teaches MMA blood sports has no legal right to claim hardship as they have been illegally false marketing for decades because the federal government did not enforce the false marketing laws in the industry!

Therefore, technically, any financial gain by all MMA sport schools in the USA could be strongly looked into as the fines for every single month of false marketing for every single school could be collected by the federal government. This sinister, multi-billion dollar industry intentionally false marketed to create a more lucrative business, they should be heavily fined with bank accounts frozen immediately until all the ‘red tape’ and fines are allocated and in the governments hands. It is akin to someone selling something illegally and then getting caught, they cannot complain that they have been doing it for so many years and now what will they do. The answer is simple, find an honest job and change your life values. Be good, that’s what you do.

Those funds collected from each school could be used to help support any programs to assist in the recovery of the people with severe mental illness and personality disorders. All major UFC-MMA fighting associations should be first on the list as that is the heart of the beast in the industry. The people with these severe personality disorders and mental illnesses are noted as a danger to society and must be temporarily removed from civil society and placed in a program in which they can have some time, away from provoking distractions and criminal activity, so they can heal properly.

If a nationwide revolt begins, resulting in numerous rioting and anarchy, which is the loosely spoken plan for MMA sports if they are ever banned, then nationwide Martial law will also be immediately enacted and the MMA narcissists and psychopaths that are causing the anarchy, will be arrested and placed in the local confinement camps the government has throughout every state, made for such purpose. Many will remain in these camps until they are released to another facility in which a special program has been developed for the recovery and attempted rehabilitation of their disorder or, depending on circumstances, released back into the public at a date no earlier than 6 months of the day of their initial arrest. The release is also contingent on the state of the country after the 6 month time period.

MMA Fighters that become desperate when the public conversation is not going the way they would like have been known to say “If they ban MMA sports, they have to ban all Martial arts..”

The comment is truly absurd and when analyzed makes absolutely no sense. Once again we have MMA sports degenerates taking two opposite elements and making them appear to belong to the same category by mere word association. Inducing a false fact by using the power of suggestion while making an arrogant, self-proclaiming statement that Martial Sports and Martial arts are the same.  People who say these things should be looked at with contempt. They know exactly what they are doing and are doing it purposefully so that people, outside the knowledge of the industry, will purposefully misconstrue the words.

All State Governors in the USA who decided to make UFC-MMA cage fighting legal in their state must be replaced.
In sight of the entire MMA Cage fighting, multi-billion dollar conspiracy, the entire country needs new governors in these states. Unless they can logically explain the sign that we see when looking inside their ear with an ear scope, that says “out to lunch”. They all do not deserve to remain in office, not a single one of them. It’s their duty to the people of the state that they govern to make sure they are ‘on the ball’ and understand everything fully that they permit as legal. There are no excuses of “sorry I was kind of mentally flim-flamed”. Sorry, you’re fired. As a Governor you must remain one of the sharpest people in the entire state! They all failed miserably, with many being corrupt and knowing exactly what the blood sport does. It’s truly a disgrace. So, what’s done is done, however, in new light, people must be made accountable for their corrupt and covertly deceptive actions and replaced by someone of righteous character. It will be a daunting task, but I wish for all readers to truly clear your mind and put yourself in my shoes to see what I see, witness my perspective. You don’t have to agree, just try to understand why I am being so hard on all the governors, even the ones who only followed like sheep thinking they would never have to answer for their actions. It’s the biggest blunder any official could ever make. Each Governor is fully responsible for all of the murders, shootings, rapes, grade school fighting, terrorizim and the ill mental health of the people resulting from UFC-MMA cage fighting in the state in which they govern. They must resign or be removed, those are their choices.

Some questions to ask oneself.. What would make one feel that the government would give an inkling about any mental illnesses and personality disorders that MMA cage fighting produces?  Is there an ulterior motive? Why would they want to purposefully create mental illness in people, while ignoring the murders and crimes they commit on their own people? They observe these crimes daily so why would they ignore, redirect and deny? Why would they pretend there is no opposition to MMA cage fighting and keep it legal when it’s their duty to protect the people of their country?

Now ask yourself the main question that you’d ask any materialist. What’s in it for them? I talk about this in great details in my book in Chapter 5 regarding using the psychotic by-product of the industry for the “New US Military”.

The answer is money and they will also have solders who kill with no conscience, Just like Nazi Germany. They are produced by very similar methods, share the identical psychological make-up and in addition they are using Goebbels’s propaganda to keep everyone else in the country in the same induced state, just like Master propagandist Goebbels did to Germany in WWII. This is also explained in great details in my book. How and why this wicked propaganda works.

Martial Arts Essence: Martial Arts or Martial Sports? is the fundamental guide for all members of the mission. All members must aquire a copy. Torchbearers will receive a free copy before the public release date, Mirror-Holders will be able to purchase a copy from any certified distributors in October 2016. The President and personally selected Government Officials already have copies.

The Cage fighting infection has spread in this entire country, we will be removing this infection which will permit the country to internally heal. National deficit? political drama, world affairs? They don't matter if the country dies internally. The safety of every citizen and the mental health of every citizen come before any other issue.


Ignore the redirections and stupidity of the political drama!
It's purposefully done to take the focus off main issues such as healing the country.
While you are redirected, more innocent people die, are beaten, are raped, more grade
school children die and more are terrorized by mentally ill UFC-MMA cage fighters and fans!
Snap out of it, stay sharp and Join us! We are healing this country now, not later!


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