Original 2010 Martial Arts Essence book Trailer!
Low budget, produced over 14 months with much difficulty..


Please view with sincere focus to understand, feel and become part of the trailer.


Martial Arts Essence - Original book Trailer 2010 from Kazuhiro Yoshinori on Vimeo.

Insightful and enlightening best describes this new release by author Kazuhiro Yoshinori. Journey down the
righteous path of a Martial artist, taking steps of self-discovery and acquiring wisdom while learning the very
essence of the Martial arts. Then venture into the psychotic abyss of the Martial sports realm. Readers leap
from the box to behold the anarchic social and psychological conditions Martial sports creates or
intensifies in society. The author undauntedly addresses the fallacies, propaganda in commercialism and fascistic
movement of Martial sports in the USA. An invaluable book for anyone interested in the Martial arts and the evolution of humanity.

Learn about the wicked propaganda used, the Mafia and corrupt Government connections and their involvement with each-other
and the purposefully misconstrued use of the words 'Martial arts' in the false marketing of an unregulated industry.
Public Release date: November 2016 - buy this book and help humanity continue to evolve!

Martial Arts Essence: Martial Arts or Martial Sports 2016 release by Kazuhiro Yoshinori

Join the mission! If we all don't stand now, no-one will be around to stand later!
Most people in the USA have no clue on the hidden evils of 'blood Sports' cage fighting!



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