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* remember the Stand (MAES) is a component of the Mission (MAEM) so members are automatically Mirror-Holders or Torch-Bearers in both if they so wish.


Mirror Holders
To clear this sinister smokescreen further, I ask for mirror holders. Many have choosen to be mirror holders at first. They are of equal importance and needed just as much as torch bearers, which I will explain next. They hold a mirror to reflect the light of the torch, this reflection connects with another mirror holders throughout their area and the country. Thus, illuminating the sea of darkness in major areas in the country and clearing the illusion in that realm, only leaving truth to be seen. The mirror holder’s duties can be all or any of the following:
Finding organizations that will assist in the mission, distributing books to local churches, preschools, grammar school principals, high school principals, and any person or place in which you feel in your heart can benefit from this book. Researching your state and local areas daily for cage fighting MMA crimes and arrests of fighters, then printing it on paper immediately (when you feel you have enough you can send to the donations address). Stay away from Martial sports schools, the mistake people make is in not understanding fully the seriousness of the mental illness and personality disorders, thus it’s belittled and they can be in a very tough spot. I reiterate "DO NOT talk to Martial sports people." No Taekwondo, Brazilian Jujutsu, Sport Karate, UFC-MMA Cage fighting - the minds are not correct and they must heal by their own methods at this moment. They will only take out frustrations on you, so do not do it. Other duties of mirror holders are promoting this book via internet marketing on all blogs and social media websites around the world, not only in the USA. Remember media is controlled in the US if it is not liked, so we need mirror holders to promote in and out of US websites as well.  The most important mirror holder’s duty is to pray and meditate on their own or in groups for the rapid success of the stand and mission. This includes the inner healing of the United States with no cage fighting, a righteous, corrupt free government and the healing of the good people in America. That is needed even more-so then donating money for the printing of more books! Mirror holders can call on Church councils and other spiritual organizations for combined effort in prayer. As this mission is for all of humanity, not for materialism. one may support us a little and be unpledged or be pledged and commit yourself fully. You will be partaking in the rebalancing of America. Every single Mirror-Holder is precious and extremely important. Join us in the rebalance. Mirror-Holders who are pledged will be able to use one of the following badge-images on any social media website if they wish.

1. Mirror-holder Samurai (Martial artist) MAES
2. Mirror-holder Samurai (Martial artist) MAEM
3. Mirror-holder Iron-Dragon Mirror (other professionals or Martial Artists) MAES
4. Mirror-holder Iron-Dragon Mirror (other professionals or Martial Artists) MAEM

Mirror-holder Samurai MAESMirror-holder Samurai MAEMMirror-holder Iron-Dragon Mirror MAESMirror-holder Iron-Dragon Mirror MAEM


Torch bearers
Technically, every Martial arts school that joins is a torch bearer and every individual who places an order for books to become a certified distributor can be considered a torch bearer. Torch bearers will promote their school as teaching the essence of the Martial arts and promote the website: MartialArtsEssence.com on most of their school marketing as every other member will. A Torch-bearer may also be someone with expert knowledge in a professional field such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Church Pastors/Priests, Martial Artists (non-instructor status), Governmental officials, Management of non-violent peace groups etc..) They will be able to boldly stand and have fortitude against the Martial sports industry, without being intimidated by threats, harassment, slander or libel. They hold a torch of truth and have an unwavering loyalty to the essence of the Martial arts and/or the banning of the cage fighting blood-sport and the healing of the country with benevolence for all.  Understanding Martial sportists are not to be trusted at all, they disassociate themselves 100% from personal contacts who involve themselves with the cage fighting industry and do not talk to anyone about the Martial arts essence mission except to other torchbearers, upper management in the mission and specific members of the Government.  The Mirror holders do not need to know full details on everything as their duties relay in separate, although closely related responsibilities.  Torch-Bearers who are pledged will be able to use one of the following badge-images on any social media website if they wish.

1. Torch-bearer Samurai (Martial artist) MAES
2. Torch-bearer Samurai (Martial artist) MAEM
3. Torch-bearer True Self (other professionals or Martial Artists) MAES
4. Torch-bearer True Self (other professionals or Martial Artists) MAEM

Torch-bearer Samurai MAES Torch-bearer Samurai MAEMTorch-bearer True Self MAES Torch-bearer True Self MAEM


Imagination-Visual of Torch-bearers & Mirror-holders working together.
If you want a visual on this, imagine a pool. The water is very still and there is no wind. As matter of speaking, it’s a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a few nice clouds.  The Mirror holders sit on the edge of the pool and put their feet in the water, as they kick their feet gently back and forth, creating many ripples in the water. There are thousands of mirror holders across the country. Consider each area or realm a pool with mirror holders sitting around it. The ripples all connect, combining strength, just as the thoughts and their minds connect being on the same vibrational frequency, thinking and feeling and doing exactly what is in the heart, with the promotion of benevolence and with the truth of the mission to be known to all. See the great importance of the mirror holders?

Now continuing the visual, we will now talk about the Torch bearers. They are more knowledgeable of the entire situation and have full understanding of the evils of the cage fighting industry and what has happened in the country. Many also have much experience in the Martial arts, Psychology or other special profession and understand fully the differences regarding sport and art. They are on a much higher level of thinking then the mirror holders and most people in society in general, mostly because they see and know and breath truth and are not induced. They are a torch to the darkness of the industry.

Now imagine the pool again, very still water, not a ripple in it yet. A torch bearer is one to dive off the diving board, and then make himself into a cannonball landing in the center of the pool. The effects in the pool are substantial, with the initial impact and propagation of the waves enormous and fast, causing the first wave to momentarily flow over the sides of the pool. Then the mirror holders begin kicking their feet from all sides of the pool.  The initial, overflowing wave reaches all the mirror holders and fills them completely with the positive energy needed to maintain their kicking feet. The torch bearers ‘dive’ in many ways and are always giving out the positive energy and strength that helps support everyone in the mission.  While it is true that the mirror holders are a reflection of the torch bearers, they are more than that as the positive energy from their heart shines like a sun always, thus they reflect not only the torch bearer, but that which is in their own heart and the divine. The mirror holders also skim the surface of the pool daily and take notes.


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