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Promotional quotes.

Permissions are granted for use of these quotes in conjuction with the promotion
of MAES (Martial Arts Essence Stand) and banning MMA cage fighting in America!

and with the promotion of Kazuhiro Yoshinori's book - Martial Arts Essence: Martial Arts or Martial Sports?
which is the fundamental guide for MAES (Martial Arts Essence Stand) and MAEM (Martial Arts Essence Mission)
Please credit source (Kazuhiro Yoshinori - Martial Arts Essence: Martial Arts or Martial Sports? 2016)


"Be your true self, nothing else.. Stay sharp and don't be deceived!" - Kazuhiro Yoshinori


"MMA Sports is the Autobahn to narcissistic psychopathy" - Kazuhiro Yoshinori


“A new acronym has been defined for MMA Cage Fighting. For the sake of justice and in clearing this sinister smokescreen,
when the Abbreviation MMA is used in relation to cage fighting sports, as of this instant the meaning is ‘Malignant-Mental-Anarchy’.
It is attached to every aspect of the cage fighting industry retroactive from 1993 to this very moment.
Erasing the words Martial arts from the sport’s deceptive and deliberate misconstrued use. Done!” - Kazuhiro Yoshinori


"People who are MMA minions and all others involved in the cage fighting industry, for full benefit and complete understanding,
you can look directly in a mirror into your own eyes and replay my ending comment in your mind.
Just incase you already forgot, it's - The Jig is up! Time for the country to heal." - Kazuhiro Yoshinori


“Many times in life the truth is presented before you, but you remain oblivious to it. Those are the times, when in question,
that you must close your eyes and clear your mind to see beyond illusion; then listen to your heart.
That is when you will see and feel what is truth and what is deception.” - Kazuhiro Yoshinori



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