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Support 'Civil Society'America and relight the Liberty torch!

Federal Banning or MMA Cage Fighting in America

If you support the federal banning of cage fighting in America, you can leave an anonymous quote
or have your name public, that is up to you. Stand up for Civil-Moral America or move to another country!

Inactivity is why the country is ruled by corruption. If you are a good person, someone of conscience,
a person of moral character and for peace or a true Martial Artist (not a Martial sportist), it's your duty.
That which speaks in your heart cannot be ignored, you must stand with us now. it's time!

Feeding the illness

Please understand what standing means to us. It doesn't mean give us your money, although we really need funding badly.
More important is your understanding of what has happened here and your sincere desire to assist. Prayers and meditation
are more important then giving us money. Just like having a member who is anonymous is better then not having one at all.

Everyone helps - be anonymous if you wish and assist with anonymity! You can do so in any of the following ways:
If you don't wish to be a paying member, you can still support us in prayers, meditation and with an anonymous quote.

Write us at anonymousquotes (at) martialartsessence.com - no attachments! only write in the text body of the email.

You may also decide to be a paying member by choosing Torch-bearer or Mirror-holder and tell us anonymous and only
the State in which you come from. You will be helping the mission with much needed funds and listed as:

Example: Torch-Bearer - Anonymous - NY or Mirror-Holder - Anonymous - SC

Every anonymous quote assists as well. example: "I support the federal banning of UFC-MMA cage fighting and
the confinement of those who cause anarchy in any terrorist retaliation." - Anonymous State of CA

Cage Fighting Virus Famly infected

Those who want anonymity can also make a habit in meditation and prayers for the immediate banning of Cage fighting 'blood' sports in America.
Additional help is contacting your Church or other organizations who are familiar with prayer
and/or meditation, and request an emergency group prayer session on a single or daily basis.

Cage the animals

This is America's internal war, we need you to help. Please help through prayers,
donations, book buying, Torch-bearers, Mirror-holders or just a quote..
Time to remove the virus, cage the animals and permit the country
and the minds of all the innocent people to heal and awaken.

Ignoring it is why it has escalated to this critical level and why soo many innocent
people have died in civil society because of cage fighting!

Jump into the Essence!

Below are supporting words for the MAES (Martial Arts Essence Stand)
for the Federal banning of UFC-MMA 'blood sport' cage fighting!

A civil balanced America

"I support every aspect of this mission of truth and light for the healing of America and the continued evolution of humanity!
The UFC-MMA cage fighting industry has caused untold homicides, rapes and has massively increased specific mental illnesses beyond the critical
point in the United States. The Government is fully aware and responsible for the creation of these terrorists inside America's own veins. They must
come clean with a Federal banning to protect the people of America or it's time for total governmental restructure. The minds and safety of the people
of the country are NEVER to be second to financial gain. I support Kazuhiro and this stand with heart and soul! Peace."
~ Christian Whitney (Main Torchbearer - USA)  

"I support the federal banning of UFC-MMA cage fighting and the
confinement of those who cause anarchy in any terrorist retaliation."
~ Anonymous (Mirror-Holder - CA)

"It's about time these animals are confined. I will pray for the success and safety of all in this stand. Where have you all been?
I thought I was the only one to see and understand the mental illness created by the savage blood fighting sport.
Everyone else in the country still has their head up their ass! I wish the misson luck in pulling them all out!
~ Jeffrey Kachion, Phd (Mirror-Holder - PA)

"I support the banning of this inhumane, wicked activity. They can't function in civil society, lock them all up!"
anonymous - NY

"I've watched some good friends and people I know go off the deep end due to this blood sport. I am happy beyond words that it's coming to an end!
It shows that the government still has a few people with a brain in their head. I have begun special prayer groups for you all! Peace be with you."
Linda Mantopoulos (Mirror-Holder - NV)

"I understand and support this stand fully, but I hope you have the National Guard and people who can hog-tie with chains
or have a million quick tie straight jackets. These are some really sick F..ucks! and I'm only talking about the fans, not the fighters!
anonymous - GA

"These vile creatures are not human. Most of them can not be rehabilitated. Behind the fake smile lays a loaded gun. Most want to
die a violent death and wish to kill as many innocent people as they can before doing so. This is the government's fault for taking the
UFC mafia's blood money. Iron dragon is 100% correct, the root cause of the terroristic violence in America is MMA cage fighting.
anonymous (Torch-Bearer - NY)

"It's truly amazing how NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has massive corruption charges against him and his office, yet makes the biggest
decision for the state of NY in over 20 years by lifting the ban on MMA 'blood sport' cage fighting. Shouldn't that be a choice made
by a poll of everyone in the state of NY? The decision came shortly after the mafia (UFC Fertitta brothers) sent UFC fighter 'suicidal'
Ronda Rousey to meet with him. He then is seen smiling in pictures taken of him and UFC officials. This corrupt governor ignores the
concerns of the people and the mental illness and death this sport brings. I contacted his office In Jan 2016 and beseeched him to not
make the sport legal until he at least talked to me so I may explain the extremely negative mental attributes attained and the safety of
the people in NY state. He followed the UFC protocol for opposition, which is ignore opposition and pretend it doesn't exist. I feel the FBI
should ask this corrupt Governor "How much money did the Mafia (UFC) give you so you would make it legal?" Perhaps the FBI should
look into this matter? It would be a very wise choice. If this governor is impeached, the legalization of MMA cage fighting in the State of NY
would be considered invalid as the governor was bribed with 'blood money' to make the sport legal. They need to get rid of this degenerate
Governor and put in a temporary to fix his corrupt actions. It's truly disgusting when Governors 'give in' to mafia and then put the feigning
mask of benevolence and innocence for public viewing. The blood sport was made legal by a bribe with no concern for the safety of the people
of the entire State of New York. This man, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is as dirty as they get!
anonymous (Torch-Bearer - NY)


Much more to be sorted through and updated shortly!



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